What a Special Day!

Closing Day at Camp Carolina is always filled with mixed emotions and an awesome atmosphere! The counselors are sad their campers are leaving, proud of their accomplishments and looking forward to seeing their campers parents once again. The campers are ALWAYS excited to see their parents but are sad to be saying goodbye to counselors, friends and awesome times where as the parents are usually just plain ready to see their boys!




We like to make closing day an awesome experience for not only the campers but also for the parents. The Olympic ceremony we host is a fantastic way for the boys to showcase a new skill they have learned whilst at camp. The Olympics include almost every activity at camp and are performed in a giant relay race with 4 teams. After the Olympics we all head up to the dining hall where we have a delicious feast prepared as well as a slide show of pictures playing from the session just gone. The finale of closing day is the very special Final Camp Fire. On Friday night we had the New Zealand counselors surprise the audience with a presentation and stories about their culture and history-Hukka included!


After that it is time to say good-bye! We usually have around 20 boys who want to stay the extra night (sometimes with little brothers) and watch a movie before heading home at lunchtime the next day. We hope all of our boys have made it home safely and we look forward to seeing them again next year!

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