Final Week=Prize Trip Week!

The final week at Camp Carolina offers our campers much excitement and fun! The week usually begins with prize trips. You may be wondering… what is a prize trip? A prize trip is a trip out of camp where our trip leaders invite campers who have shown dedication, passion and love for their activity and want to reward the campers and encourage them to keep striving to improve and advance to the next level. Depending on the activity this involves camping out, extended day trips or trips to a new and exciting destination.

Monday and Tuesday were prize trip days for horseback! The campers have been working really hard all summer both in the riding arena as well as out on the trails. We have some great riders who are competently trotting, cantering and jumping in the arena as well as controlling their horses on the trail at a walk, trot and canter and this week our super keen boys were in for a treat! We had an extended day trip planned out to DuPont Forest for our horse crazy boys. The morning ride provided our boys with plenty of trotting and cantering past Lake Imaging before reaching our lunch destination, the beautiful mountain lake- Lake Dense! We had a delicious lunch (everyone helped carry the food in backpacks) before jumping in for a refreshing dip.The afternoon ride took the boys further into the forest out to the stunning High Falls. Back at camp by late afternoon the boys helped care for their horses before a special dinner and dessert treat! Their day ended with a dusk bareback ride around the lake at camp before putting the horses in the field for the night and heading to evening program!

Another awesome prize trip was the double overnight Sea Kayaking prize trip. The lucky sea kayakers headed out to Lake Fontana after packing their items for a few days camping. The boys got there in time for a twilight sea kayak on the beautiful lake. That night they camped out with two other prize trip groups (mountain biking and white water kayaking) and enjoyed s’mores and stories around the camp fire. The next day they woke up for a dawn paddle, ate breakfast then kayaked out to a local jump rock and spent the afternoon enjoying the warm sunshine and cool water before loading up and driving out to Lake Jocassee. That evening they helped cook dinner, set up camp, roast s’mores and listen to Danni’s stories. Day 3 was AWESOME! Jess from wakeboarding drove out the boat for some surprise tubing fun for the campers! The boys arrived back at camp just in time for World Cup Soccer. What an awesome end to camp, right?

The White Water prize trips saw our CCB paddlers heading out to Nantahala Outdoor Centre for the Annual Camp Cup Challenge. Day 1 left the paddlers to practice and perfect their skills in the grade 3 water. That night they camped out under the stars and enjoyed smores and an early night without any rain! Day 2 was game day and saw the boys wake with excitement. We hear Ryan Costley placed a respectable 11th and all campers held their own against the older competition. Some of the more advanced kayakers had the opportunity to go on a trip to Charlotte to the National White Water Centre which was a great opportunity and experience for the boys to have whilst at CCB.

World Cup soccer is currently in its final game before an awesome evening activity that the boys are all looking forward to. Tomorrow we have the olympics, camp fire and home-time for our boys! We will miss our Main Session campers thats for sure…


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