Man Vs Wild…CCB Style!

Here at CCB we are always looking at introducing new additions to our program as well as developing and improving the current activities we offer. Last year we introduced an activity called “Man Vs Wild” which is typically run by our highly trained Hiking Adventure Staff.

Last week we had Super-Hikers Kane McIlroy and Davis Menard take some of our eager outdoor boys on a survival adventure of a lifetime! The boys began their journey by learning what to pack on an extended outdoor trip and how to pack them properly. They then left the civilisation of camp to hike up Bulldozer mountain and begin their adventure in the CCB forest! On the climb they learned how to behave properly on and off the trail- for example leave no trace policies plus basic trail etiquette. They then studied several local plants and animals we are lucky enough to have based around camp and learned plenty of new information that they were told they would put to later use. Kane and Davis then led the boys through 2 hours of wilderness and tracking games in the forest and had the opportunity to practice some of their new-found skills which we hear the boys loved!


Next the team searched for a suitable camp site and spent some time setting up (hopefully) waterproof shelters out of resources they found around them in the forest. They then cooked their dinner and practiced lighting a fire which we hear did not go so well in the damp forest. Just after dinner the rain set in and the boys crossed their fingers that their shelters would hold tight. We were informed that the boys did get a little wet towards the morning but learned important lessons such as to how to look after themselves and their friends and how to keep up morale and maintain positive attitudes… as well as how to patch up leaky shelter roofs!




The next morning the boys walked back to camp down Bulldozer Mountain stopping along the way to practice making snares and traps that could catch rabbits and turkeys to help them survive in the wilderness. After a quick shower at camp they headed out to the trout pond (with out fishing poles) to catch trout au natural. After some time-success! They boys had caught a trout! It was up to the kitchen to cook and share the fish before everyone helped pack down all the items from the trip and enjoy the evening activity before settling in for an awesome nights sleep. All in all it was an adventure that the campers loved, learned a lot and are still talking about today!

On another not check out the awesome video our CCB photo video team has put together of our week 2 adventures at the best place on Earth… Camp Carolina

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  1. Beau Grant says:

    When I was a CA, our cabin leader was this wide receiver from Clemson, who shall remain nameless but drove a cool Gremlin. He was UNBEATABLE in Paper Rock Scissors. I am glad to see the game is alive and well at camp in the video!

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