Rock Climbing and Ultimate Frisbee with Keystone, High Rocks and Illahee Camps!

Rock Climbing at Camp Carolina is a very popular and rewarding activity where the boys can really progress their skills during a summer stay at CCB. All of our campers are encouraged to take part in one of the half day skills clinics at our awesome climbing wall aptly named the Carolina Wave where they learn all the basic climbing skills, safety practices and gain confidence and interest within the sport. This year our main climbers are Morgan from Australia and Matt from New Zealand. You can read about them here and here from our previous blogs. The counselors have been taken our climbing campers out to Looking Glass Rock (South side and The Nose) on an almost a daily basis and encouraging the boys to continue progressing their skills and challenging themselves within their climbing. Check out some information about Looking Glass here. We are really lucky to have a world-class traditional friction climbing cragg on our doorstep and encourage all of our campers to give climbing a go.

On Thursday our eager climbers were in for a treat! We had organized a climbing competition with the Keystone Girls Camp, Illahee Girls Camp and High Rocks Boys Camp over at Keystones awesome climbing wall. In the morning our younger campers headed out to the girls camp and competed in several different climbing competitions which included Speed Climbing, Blindfold Climbing and the favorite The Hunger Games climb! For the Hunger Games competition Keystone set up a wall with some vines hanging down, killer bees (tracker jackers) on certain holds plus cannon balls (tennis balls) being launched all providing distractions to the campers leading to the most focussed climber winning!

ClarkMcKinney-one of our Dog campers won the speed climbing competition and all round the Newt and Dog Carolina boys took out first place! Awesome!

In the afternoon our Manders, Huggers and CA’s headed on over for some more climbing fun. We were up against some stiff competition and ended up with third place. Sam Newman did any amazing job in particular and managed to hold his own in the finals against several competitive climbers from High Rocks and Illahee. The boys had an amazing time and we would like to thank Keystone for running the competition and High Rocks and Illahee for competing with us!

Meanwhile our Ultimate Frisbee fanatics competed against Keystone Camp in the morning and had a blast! We hear that we won 6-0 and that the boys played really well as a team as well as behaving like Camp Carolina gentlemen. Our Team Sports staff are doing a fantastic job helping our campers really develop and improve their chosen sport skills wether it be rugby, cricket, basketball, volleyball, AFL, baseball, american football etc.

We have had an awesome weekend here at CCB, the weather has fined up, the boys all have smiles on their faces and we are ready to get into the final week. The week of prize trips, camperpalooza, world cup soccer, dubious awards and cheesy music… We can’t wait!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cristina says:

    Fantastic ! unforgettable experience for them.

  2. Kathi Ash says:

    That’s my Clark- always full of speed and determination!!! what a wonderful experience and test of endurance, strength and confidence

  3. Tim says:

    It is great to do some climbing. It gives them confidence to have success in a controlled environment, with the instruction of professionals.

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