Alumni Reunion at Camp Carolina Ready to Roll!

Here at Camp Carolina we love to hear what our current and former campers and counselors are getting up to. We recently discovered that actor Ed Helms went to Camp Carolina as a camper which was pretty cool news to find out! We also had National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Andrew Skurka call Camp Carolina home for a few years as a Mountaineering counselor. It is so nice to hear from any CCB alumni who are reminiscing about the good old days and we have an opportunity coming up soon when we can all reminisce together… The staff and camper reunion 2012!



The reunion starts on  August 17th at 5:30PM and ends on August 19th at 2PM. We are currently sending out invites to all of our alumni who we have addresses for (spread the word!) as well as searching through all of our Facebook friends. The weekend is going to be filled with awesome activities, lots of fun as well as plenty of reminiscing and catching up with old buddies.


Please fill out and return the following form ASAP to secure your spot.

We hope to see y’all here soon!

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