What a Sunday! Biltmore Train, Intro 3 Opening Day, Plus-Will Anyone Think of the Eggs?

Sunday lunchtimes are always filled with anticipation for many reasons. First of all the awesome whole camp game looms and they are always a bundle of fun. Second-they will be signing up for their new week of activities later that evening. And finally… Biltmore Train is on its way!

Before Biltmore Train could arrive yesterday we got to welcome in our Intro 3 campers to the best place on Earth. We had the water front open, slip n slide available, camp store ready for the big spenders plus some team sports keeping the boys entertained on the OD field before the parents headed on home. The boys have settled in great (see our previous blog for more information) Parents-What Happens On Opening Day?


Biltmore Train is an awesome treat for our campers that they look forward to each week. It is a reward to the boys for keeping their cabins clean, neat and tidy (they are checked every morning and given a score that is displayed on their cabin wall) and the ice cream is a great encouragement for the boys to keep on top of the daily organization.

We usually have 6+ flavors of ice cream for the boys to choose from. For example yesterday we had Bunny Tracks, Scooper-hero, Cotton-Candy, Cookie Dough, Birthday Cake and Banana Split served under the marquee at the bottom of Dining Hall hill. After lunch the boys run to the ice cream eagerly anticipating what this weeks flavor will be!

Yesterdays game was “Will Anyone Think of the Eggs?”. The game requires team work, quick thinking and cooperation amongst the teams. The boys are split into teams and ages range from Newts-Huggers which is great for all campers to interact and develop important skills such as leadership, compromise and communication with all aged boys. The campers rotate between different activities and receive materials (cardboard, tape, rope etc) once they have achieved their goal. They then have 15 minutes to engineer a cage for their teams egg out of their provided materials. The eggs in their egg cages are then put through several tests (blobbing, kicking, dropping etc). JJ has the honour of unveiling the eggs from their egg cages to see which eggs have survived. Awesome right? The game is always a camp favorite amongst campers and counselors alike. We cant wait for next weekend and all the fun it brings!

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