Camp Carolina’s CA’s Suprise Ton-a-Wandah Girls

The Ton-a-Wandah girls were in for a big surprise when they headed to the Dining Hall for breakfast on Saturday morning. A few of our CA’s and their fearless leader Luis were waiting at the entrance of the Hall dressed as suave Secret Service Officers. They managed to maintain a poker face throughout the entire meal much to the surprise of all the girls who were eagerly waiting to see what the boys presence meant!

At the end of the meal came announcements. The boys marched to the front of the dining hall and whispered the message in the directors ear… Tonight was the night everyone had been waiting for! The girls were invited over for that evenings dance with the CCB boys!

After such an impressive invite the dance had big expectations to fill for all the campers. It was awesome! The boys always look forward to the Saturday night dances with Ton-a-Wandah, Rockbrook and Keystone where they get to show off their funniest dance moves, wear the craziest costumes and have a ridiculously fun night! The dances are also great for the boys to develop social skills and gain confidence when interacting with other children. We like to keep the dances light hearted and silly with the counselors dressing  goofy and dancing funky being a necessity! The supply of cold lemonade and freshly baked cookies keeps the campers refreshed after all the dancing…

Everyone at CCB is looking forward to our famous 4th of July celebrations beginning tomorrow after lunch. The campers are not quite sure what exactly the night entails and we cannot wait to show them! Stay tuned for pictures and updates!

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  1. Kristin Finley says:

    I love this, as a CCB and TAW parent, thank you for posting and including a picture with my girl in it!

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