Our Weekends at Camp Carolina!

Weekends at Camp Carolina are referred to as “Camper Days” as a lot of the activities revolve around all camp or tribal games where all campers are involved. This weekend has been awesome so far and began with a sleep in on Saturday morning. Our campers get an extra hour of rest with the “All Up!” gong ringing at 8:45AM before heading up to breakfast where week 1’s Camper Administration list was announced. Camper Administration occurs every Saturday morning and is a great program where campers of varying ages and varying activity interests are announced and meet with Alfred after eating and discuss what they love about CCB and offer up ideas and suggestions for new additions to the program or how we can improve. Its a great insight for the administration staff at camp and allows Camp Carolina to continue to grow, improve and cater to the campers needs an interest levels.


After breakfast on Saturday the boys had 20 minutes for a quick cabin clean up before we begun Camper Day! With activities such as crazy free skate, bezerk diving, nuts slip’n’slide, marine sniper training, awesome soccer, street ball, tramp trample, olympic kayak races and army low rope on offer it wasnt a suprise that the campers had an amazing morning choosing and rotating through the activities. The entire manders tribe participated in an all out Raft War Mayhem on the Camp Carolina Lake which involved pirates, rafts being taken over and beached on the lake shore.




After a busy morning, lunch and the salad bar plus plenty of cold water and lemonade were a welcome break from the increasingly warm morning! During rest hour our Non-Cabin-Staff began setting up for the Independence Day Hunger Games 2012 whilst the boys rested. The boys were split into teams of all ages and rotated through several traditional 4th of July games. We had Dizzy Izzy races, watermelon and water break, pie eating contests, egg tosses, 3 legged races, potato pushing, fill the jug and tug-o-war plus face painting with the arts’n’crafts girls.

That evening the boys had a delicious cookout with chicken burgers, beans, coleslaw, salads plus lemonade and a candy bar each. After dinner-it was time for the boys to put on their dancing shoes! The newts, dogs and 5th grade manders jumped on the buses and vans and headed out to Ton-a-wandah whilst the manders, huggers and CA’s waited for the lovely ladies to arrive at CCB. The dances always involve fancy dress, funky dancing and fun times all around!

Sundays also begin with a sleep in and breakfast always offers up the delicious cinnamon and caramel scrolls! This morning we had camp split into 2 groups-newts and dogs then manders and  huggers. First up for the younger guys was Steve O’Neil-Western North Carolina’s nature man! Steve brings a variety of local and international animals including amphibians, reptiles and mammals and educates the campers on topics such as camouflage, adaptations, predatory behavior plus the history and specific information for each animal that the campers get to have a close look at (or even touch!). Meanwhile our older campers headed to the skate park for an ultimate dodge ball tournament-a favorite of all the campers. The boys then switched over so that they both had a morning of nature and dodge ball.





Right after lunch on Sundays the famous Biltmore Train Ice cream arrives. This is a reward for the boys keeping their cabins clean and involves ice cream of many flavors and lots of smiling faces! After Biltmore Train today we had a favorite all camp game planned. Capture the Flag! The boys were split into teams and when the gong rang the games begin! Most of the grassy areas of camp are in bounds leading to a HUGE playing field which our campers take full advantage of. This evening we had another cook-out, this time burgers before heading down to campfire for vespers. The boys really take advantage of this down time after such a busy weekend and reflect on the week just gone. After vespers tonight we have activity sign ups where the boys will individually sign up for which in camp activities they want to have on their schedule for the week before heading to bed for a well deserved rest before week 2 of fun begins! WHAT A DAY!

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