Those First Few Days

It’s always exciting to watch our campers evolve over these first few days at Camp. Theres that first lunchtime sitting with new cabin mates and counselors and getting to know each other quietly. Then there’s that first trip announcement at breakfast with the boys suddenly realizing just how much stuff there really is to do here. Then there’s that first morning where the campers are either on a new trip or trying out their in camp activities for the first time bursting with excitement. All of these “firsts” already seem like years ago! Our CCB boys are now pros at camp life and camp is currently bustling with confidence, enthusiasm, creativity and general zest and love for life making CCB an absolutely awesome place to be!

The campers adjust so quickly to the “camp life” where their clock is the sound of the gong ringing, where each morning presents excitement, challenges and the chance to try something new and where new friends are now next door neighbours or cabin mates. The boys are already signing up and trying out activities they have never even considered before and meeting each new experience head on with passion and determination to reach a personal goal. New friends have already turned into best friends and there is nothing better here at CCB than witnessing campers sharing their triumphs and success with each other.

Pressure to perform, win and succeed is not a priority here at Camp. This leaves room for our boys to choose an activity they are interested in, and do not feel pressured to take part in activities they already know they are good at. This freedom allows the campers to think creatively and gives CCB an all round supportive and encouraging vibe which the campers strive in. Rarely does a day go by where a camper is not overheard telling their buddies about the “cool new thing” they tried out that day.

We cant wait to see the campers discover that new activity that they love and watch them progress and gain confidence over the next few weeks. Make sure you keep up to date with whats going on at Camp Carolina by checking out your son here (password: whataday) as well as checking out our short clips on YouTube that our amazing Photovideo team are working on. We also update our Facebook page and Twitter accounts daily so sign up for those updates. In the meantime enjoy the Opening Day video from main session below.

What A Day!

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