Parents-What Happens On Opening Day?

Opening Day is one of our favorite days here at Camp Carolina. The atmosphere at camp is one of pure excitement and happiness with the counselors waiting excitedly at the end of the driveway to greet their new campers and then the campers and parents themselves filled with anticipation and excitement for what the next few weeks will bring.

Parents will usually head off mid morning after checking their son in, taking them past the infirmary for a health screening, checking out the camp store and settling them into their cabins. Many parents wonder though, what happens after that? We ensure that we have plenty of activities offered on opening day for when the parents leave to keep the campers enthused about camp, get to know some new camp friends and begin bonding with the counselors at CCB. These activities include pony rides, water front, slip’n’slide, climbing wall, tennis plus team sports.

Our first lunch is always an exciting time. We usually have home cooked burgers and ice cream sandwiches on the menu and the boys get to sit with their cabin mates and counselors family style for their first of many meals. During the meal program director JJ talks the campers through everything the boys need to know for the next few days and the coming afternoon including camp rules, camp traditions and how the dining hall and camp activities run. After lunch the boys have a full rest hour with their cabin where the will come up with some cabin rules as a team and the counselors can answer any questions the boys have.

That afternoon the boys go to 4 different stations around camp as a tribe. They head to the waterfront where they take part in a swim test and learn the buddy board system we use at CCB. They also head to the loft of the barn where they learn and practice tribal chants so at meal times all the boys can join in. The go on a camp tour and discover all the places-new and old that make up Camp Carolina and learn where each activity is run. Finally they also play a game of dodgeball to keep the afternoon fun and exciting.

That evening the boys head to an early dinner at 5:30PM before the activity skits begin! The counselors at camp present a short skit on stage about their particular activity so the boys can start considering what activities they wish to try while at Camp Carolina. Final component of opening day is activity sign ups where the boys can individually sign up for the activities they want to have during their 5 in camp periods. Lights out is at 9:30PM where bed time stories are at their best and then all the campers are asleep by 10PM ready to wake up and hit the ground running for the first day of activities and trips.

We had a fantastic opening day for Main Session here at CCB with beautiful weather, happy families and excited counselors. The campers have had an awesome first day with 9 half day trips on offer plus all the in camp activities up and running. Tonight the boys are practicing their cabin skits in preparation for tomorrow nights cabin skit contest!


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