Final Campfire Farewells 1st Session Campers

Campfire is such a significant and special tradition at Camp Carolina and when the boys parents attend it really has an impact on everyone involved. In just 3 weeks the parents can see the independence, confidence and friendships the campers have developed whilst at CCB and sitting together at campfire, singing camp songs and applauding as their son receives their Old Man of the Mountain Paddle or Brand is a really special time for a proud parent.

Last night we had our final Campfire for Session 1. We begun with songs such as “Vita Pup” “My Paddle” and “I Have Found me a Home” before we leapt into our new addition to campfire night- “He aint from around here!”. Manders head counselor Conor Martin was this weeks guest and spoke about the quirks and traditions from his hometown Belfast, Ireland. He then transitioned into the famous story about the Giants Causeway in Ireland. Legend has it that a Scottish and Irish Giant were fighting in Ireland and their size and strength during the battle caused the land to deepen, boulders to be moved and deep ravines created. The Irish Giant of course won. The causeway is caused by volcanic magna which looks like giant steps that lead from Ireland to Scotland. There is a large nose shaped protrusion (now called Isle of Man) where the Scottish Giant fell and left the nose shape.

Marshall Nelson then read a maxim by Benjamin Franklin. “I will speak ill of no man and speak all the good I know of everybody” and passed the maxim on to Mark White. Conor then read the poem “Courage” and passed it on to 7 week camper Ryan Spiegal.




We miss our first session campers already but are excited for our Main session boys to arrive on Monday!

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