CCB Campers Embrace the International Way (Didgeridoo’s Included!)

At Camp Carolina we have counselors (and even campers) from so many countries that it is impossible to not learn something new about the different cultures of the people residing at CCB. Counselors chat to their campers about their favorite food, music, things to do etc in their home countries and the campers listen in and compare it to what they do in their home town. They can then educate their counselors on all things American… The counselors MUST try that first ever Peanut and Jelly Sandwich with their campers giggling at the table.

 Recently we had Brevard local John Vorus (former counselor) come to teach an afternoon Didgeredoo clinic on Tuesday and Wednesday to any campers that wanted to have a turn. John played an amazing “song” into the Dining Hall microphone at lunchtime to get campers amped up and excited to have a turn. The campers then got to make their own instruments and then spent the afternoon learning how to play the iconic Australian Didgeredoo. By the end of the afternoon the music coming from the Music Room sounded like the middle of the Australian Outback.

John now lives in Brevard with his Australian wife Emily and son Xavier.  John and Emily met at Camp Carolina in 2004 and have called Brevard, NC home for the past few years. We just cant wait until Xavier can come to CCB for a summer, Father-Son is just around the corner!

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