National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Chats to Camp Carolina Campers

Here at Camp Carolina, safety and correct preparation when heading on our out-of-camp trips is our counselors number 1 priority. When we saw the Andrew Skurka (ex mountaineering counselor) was in the area we jumped at opportunity to have him come and chat to our campers once evening. Andrew was a counselor at CCB in the 90’s and believes his summer at Camp Carolina influenced him to choose his high adventure lifestyle.

Andrew was recently named National Geographic Adventurer of the year after completing several long distance, extreme hikes/paddles/skis. His most recent was his Yukon/Alaska loop which took him 7 months and saw him cover 4,700 miles over glaciers, mountains and rivers and put him in the outdoor industry spotlight. Once completed Andrew has been travelling all over the USA giving demonstrations and slide show presentations to interested adventurers including “Circling Alaska and Yukon” and “Gear and Skills Clinic”.

Andrew swung by last Wednesday afternoon and spent his day hiking/jogging the trails of Camp Carolina and catching up with old friends. The CA’s and Huggers then had the opportunity to attend Andrews “Circling Alaska and Yukon” slide show presentation complete with videos, pictures and tales from his adventure. The boys then had ample time to ask questions-and there were a lot! The boys then headed on out to put some new-found adventure skills to use on Cabin Day!



We had a great first week at Camp Carolina, the boys are settled in and taking full advantage of the trips and activities offered at CCB and it feels like they have been here for weeks. Check out our first week video here which sums up what has been going on.



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