Hitting the ground running!

Orientation 2012 was a whirlwind of activities and education for our counselors including cabin day, trips out of camp, in camp activities, manual revision, guest speakers and plenty of fun along the way. By the time Saturday night came around our counselors felt more than prepared and could not wait until the next morning when their campers would arrive.

Opening day began bright and early for our counselors who were excited to meet their new campers for the next 3 weeks. Our counselors welcomed the campers at the end of Lambs Creek road with excitement and exuberance ready to begin the summer. We had horses out to ride and team sports set out on the OD field, the climbing wall was open, water front offered the blob, aqua slide, aqua trampoline and high dives and the camp store entertained many. 

That afternoon after the parents left our campers completed the swim test, took a camp tour and practiced their tribal songs and chants so that they could be heard throughout the entire lambs creek valley at meal times. That evening our campers signed up for their weekly activities and had some down time with their cabin counselors and fellow cabin mates before an early night.

Monday morning we had the Newts and Dogs tribes out of camp on an all day rafting trip to the French Broad River which they LOVED. We have all the boys raft in the first week in their tribes and in the same rafts as their cabin mates to encourage cooperation and team work as well as giving the boys the opportunity to begin to build the camp friendships that last a lifetime.

The first few days are always an exciting time of the session where the boys discover new friends, new activities and are encouraged to embrace new experiences wherever possible. With Session 1 off to such a great start Camp Carolina is bustling with enthusiasm and excitement with our counselors and campers alike looking forward  to each new day as an oppurtunity to learn something new. WHAT A DAY!

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