Check out our tennis pro counselor Josep and his plans for the tennis program 2012

Camp Carolina works year round to ensure that we have recruited the most professional, experienced and inspirational counselors to ensure that our campers have the most amazing summer ever. We recently had an inspirational young man called Josep Tomas Baro arrive at CCB to begin training for the summer as a tennis counselor.

Josep began playing tennis in Spain when he was 3 years old and fell in love with the sport and has not stopped playing since. His biggest achievement to date is being named a 1st division tennis player ranked in the USA as well as receiving a scholarship to Campbell University to study Business and Marketing. Josep has been studying at Campbell for 3 years and is really enjoying his American experience and is excited to spend his summer at CCB teaching the campers.

Alfred found out about Josep through his friend Ivo who runs Brevard Racquet club. Alfred, Ec and Camp Carolina staff use the racquet club year round and are active tennis players were excited about the opportunity to recruit Josep for 2012. Josep’s team-mate will be working at the racquet club this summer. If you were in the area and wanted a tennis lesson let us know (828 884 2414) and we can forward you on to Ivo!

When we chatted to Josep his passion for both playing the sport as well as coaching and inspiring children to improve and love tennis was immediately evident. He has several lesson plans and exciting games ready for the summer as well as some great ideas to keep the campers motivated throughout the session. He really wants the campers to set goals, strive to reach them and then celebrate their success and to make the campers all feel important. Josep has been coaching in Spanish summer camps for the previous 5 years and has experience coaching campers from the age of 3-18.

We asked him, what makes a succesful coach and he replied “You need to focus 100% on campers to keep them motivated and having fun at all times” We here at Camp Carolina cannot wait to see the tennis program develop, grow and improve under Joseps experienced and passionate lead. Remember to pre-sign your son up for tennis or any other activity they are excited to try this summer! See y’all soon…

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  1. Sam says:

    Hey I’m coaching tennis for the first time this year at a summer camp 🙂 would I be able to have a look at some of Joseph’s program plans I would love to get some great ideas !!

    Thanks 🙂

  2. aqueela says:

    what a gorgeous pictures. I like this so much. Thank you for sharing this post to us Gppr staffs. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post nice post, thanks for sharing. great job.:) keep it up for the great work

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