Camp Carolina is the Closest Thing to Heaven- By Leland Henry

Hi my name is Leland Henry I am originally from Nashville Tennessee, and about a year ago I moved to an area about 40 minutes away from Houston known as The Woodlands TX.  I have been going to Camp Carolina since the 1st grade. Now being the age of 14 and going in to 8th grade I am happy to say, that this will be my seventh year attending CCB.

CCB first off teaches Campers, and maybe even Counselors to build up Self Esteem, Courage and to learn Honesty, Respect and Many other things a boy can learn and use as a key in life. Camp Carolina has taught me all these things that have made me the person I am today. Not only did they teach me to become a more mature young man, but they also have taught me that you only live once and why not have fun, and why not adventure, and why not set personal goals for your self.

Over the past seven years I have accomplished much more than I ever thought I would accomplish in that small period of time. Also in the past seven years I have not only made some of the best memories of my life at CCB, but have had the best times of my life there. Every Staff Member I’ve met and every Camper I have met there would say the same to. Camp Carolina is a one of kind camp that offers stuff that no other camp in the world could whether it being Mountain Boarding, Surfing, Skating, Mountaineering or Having Alfred stand up and sing the national anthem on World cup day. It’s completely diverse and that’s what I love about camp. All the people I meet, all the fun I have, all the lessons I learn, but most importantly all the memories that I will take out of camp


Never have I ever had abad summer there nor have I ever wanted to go home after staying there. It’s those one of a kind places where everything seems perfect where there is no Bullying and no ones better than another, where everybody around you is your friend, and a place where you know your going to be having the time of your life. This year I am going to be a Hugger and 2 years after that a C.A. and 2 years after that a C.I.T. and then a counselor I can’t wait till I get to experience all that because I know they are going to be just about the best jobs I will ever have during my life. After that I will carry on with my own life and hopefully some day send my own kids to CCB.

Camp Carolina is just about the closest thing to heaven because it’s just that perfect. I like to thank All the Staff Members I have met over the past seven years and all my friends I have met there. All the way from Venezuela to China. I seriously do hope you choose to accept Camp Carolina as your home because I did and it’s made my life in so many ways a lot better.

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  1. Craig Ahmed says:

    Really nice comments and all true! Camp Carolina really is a special place and I don’t think anybody who has ever been will ever forget it!
    Leland I am sure you will make a great counsellor and it is truly a rewarding job.
    Take care mate,

  2. Marco Martinoli says:

    I am a father of a very happy camper and I can confirm that Camp Carolina is a great place. The staff is fantastic, grounded, professional, fun, diverse and respectful. The owners and their entire family are there 24/7 and it feels like you are part of the family too when you are there. The coolest thing for fathers is FATHER SON WEEKEND. They have it every year in May from Thursday afternoon ’till Sunday Morning. As an adult you spend precious time with your child (children) and experience some of the great activities the camp offers. Finally one word about their food, EXCELLENT! What a day!!!

  3. Traci Henry says:

    Okay, I’m his mom and he did not even tell me that he was posting this…..Boy, what a testiment to the camp!!! Traci Henry (Proud Mom)

    1. Lisa says:

      As well you should be Traci….make sure you save this as he mad need some help on college application ideas someday :-). See y’all Friday!

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