Congrats to the class of 2012 WFR students and farewell to our first father-son group!

Camp Carolinas tripping counselors are excited to have finished the first phase of their training required here at CCB for our trip Leaders-the Wilderness First Responder Course. Our horseback, mountaineering, earthworks, white water and surf/wakeboarding teams are now filled with qualified and experienced staff ready to take campers out on some exciting high adventure trips here at CCB. The WFR course not only educates students with books, theory and studying but ensures that all participants get hands on experience. This involves many action-packed, intense scenarios where everyones classroom skills are put into play and thinking clearly and acting under pressure is crucially important. We are proud to announce that all of our new WFR counselors passed with flying colors and are confident to act competently in an emergency when in the back country.







Since completing the WFR training our counselors have split into their activity areas to begin the intensive activity specific training. We currently have our Earthworks team (Mando, Danni, Kane and Sam) out on Sea Kayaking training with the Surf Team (Jess, Chris, Carlos and Jack) on their way to (hopefully sunny!) Charleston to get a feel for the town, waves and tides. Meanwhile our counselors whose training begins in a few days have been gaining hands on experience helping out with everything going on at camp.

Today is the last day of father son, and what a blast we have had! From caves, to horses, to bikes, to fish etc, etc, etc everyone has had an amazing time… Some of our younger, first-time campers have gained confidence and are ready for their first day at camp and our older campers have gained even more excitement for their first day back at CCB for 2012 summer. This evening we have Christ School arriving for 4 days of adventure activities and fun and boy are we enthusiastic for them to arrive. What a Day, What a Day, What a Day!

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