Super-dog Bella has a great time with Maclay Sophomore Safari this weekend

Camper and counselors past will be excited to read that Bella will be back at CCB for 2012! The pint-sized yapper belongs to Miss Katie Fenton who has been a nurse for the past few summers at camp and will be returning for 2012. Bella was lucky enough to spend this weekend under the patient guidance of CCB staff socializing and showing the sophomores from Maclay school how to make the most of all the high adventure activities offered here.

Mando, Lofty, Spencer and Josh with Bella, ready for the night hike!

First up Bella (who is an AMAZING swimmer) made sure that the sophomores had a great time on the blob, aqua trampoline and slide down at the water front. After a delicious dinner was the much-anticipated night hike! Bella hiked up Bulldozer mountain with ease before hitting a wall and scoring a ride with one of the counselors for the downhill portion of the hike. The highlight for many was sitting in a valley watching the early fireflies lighting up the darkness.

The next day Bella helped Kylie, Jess, Jen and Becca at horseback. She made sure all the horses were on their best behaviour throughout the day. Friday also offered the students caving, mountain biking, climbing, sea kayaking and fly fishing trips. Everyone had a fantastic day and took home some new skills and appreciation for the mountains of Western North Carolina.

After all the excitement and hard work, the former city pup needed a day of rest while the sophomores went on a raft trip to the Pigeon River. After a trip to the lake, stream, volleyball courts and some rough and tumble games with a great dane Bellas vanilla infused fur had taken on a slightly “doggier” scent which we cannot wait for mom Katie to have a whiff of. Meanwhile the Maclay students had a great day rafting and came back full of excitement for the evening activity. First up was the ultimate Dodgeball tournament followed by an extreme shaving cream battle. Bella participated in both with gusto and enthusiasm and then slept very soundly that night.

The Maclay students were up at the crack of dawn with JJ on Sunday to make the journey back to Florida. We love having them here year after year and already cannot wait for the 2013 sophomore safari. Bella in the mean time has had a bath, freshened up and is currently waiting to go back to the city lifestyle for a few weeks until her and Katie come back for the summer at the end of May. Bella-it has been a pleasure and we will see you soon!

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