An Awesome Lifeguard, a Europe Cycling Mountaineer Team Member and Twin Returnee Counselor Update!

We are on the countdown for our counselors arriving at CCB for 2012! This Thursday we have head of white water Ben Williams and mountaineering team member Luis Vega arriving for the summer 2012 and everyone here at camp is thoroughly excited! This week we have 4 counselors to introduce starting with Morgan Bell.

Morgan is a 25-year-old Australian from Perth, WA and will be on the mountaineering team this year. He is a qualified physical Education and Health Teacher and has spent the last few years working as a teacher in London. He loves the mountaineering activities because of the exhilaration of adventure. He plays Aussie Rules Football, Snowboarding, Climbing, Hiking, Cycling and Camping. He is famous for tour cycling throughout Europe and for eating high volumes of food and is most looking forward to meeting many awesome youngsters and staff and having an action packed summer! His favorite quote? “We should come home from adventures and perils and discoveries every day with new experience and character”.

Chris Watson is 21 and lives in Sunderland, UK. He currently works in an events bar and volunteers at a local school teaching team sports. He loves swimming, so will love working on the water front this summer but also loves playing Rugby and Football (soccer). He says he is famous for being very big and is really looking forward to a fun-filled summer with the campers teaching them how to swim.

Finally we are excited to announce that Davis and Teddy Menard will be returning this summer for their 10th year! The boys are both students from Washington DC and will be Team Sports counselors this summer.

Teddy loves experiencing the outdoors in a variety of ways and sharing that experience with the campers and loves playing frisbee, guitar, ukulele drawing and hiking. He says he is famous for playing a lot of music and performing in a band. He loves to form a camaraderie with the campers and counselors and loves exploring Pisgah Forest. Davis loves having the opportunity to work with campers from all the different tribes and enjoys playing soccer, basketball and music. He says he is famous for being a twin and is excited to spend his summer back at CCB, seeing old friends, making new friends and spending time with the campers.

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