2 awesome new counselors and 1 exciting returnee!

The office is getting busy here at CCB! One big project was getting the parent packs and awesome new Camp Carolina T-shirts in the mail and on their way to our campers home towns. The office staff (Ec, Alfred, JJ, Jen, Marianne, Kylie and Phil) had a great time last Fri afternoon packaging and sorting the packs which contain useful information, pre sign registrations and of course the T-shirt. We would love to see some pics of our campers in their new CCB merchandise! Kylie, Phil and JJ are busy preparing for the staff to arrive (26th is approaching!).

We have exciting news to announce… Will Paradis from Louisville, Kentucky is returning to Camp Carolina as a head counselor for 2012! Will is 22 and is currently a Student-Teacher which he loves. He is really excited to be placed in the Head Counselor role as he wants to ensure he makes the summer as awesome as possible for the campers and the staff. He loves to play music, volunteer, play video games, read, write, cycle, hike and climb. He is famous for 3 things 1) Spending 10 summers at CCB 2) biking across the USA… twice! 3) His extremely loud and enthusiastic voice/personality. He is really looking forward to making new friends, being outside and enjoying life as it is meant to be enjoyed and he loves Kentuck because of its diversity of places and people. Favorite Quote? “We must be the change we wish to see in the world” Mohandas Gandhi. We cant wait to have will back at CCB!

Megan is a 24-year-old Art Teacher from Perth, Western Australia and will be teaching “Arts n Crafts” this summer. She is excited to teach at CCB this summer as she loves to pass on her skills and knowledge to her students. She loves to play netball, touch rugby and swim and of course anything artistic. She says she is famous for her sense of humor, creative energy and chatting constantly. Megan is looking forward to meeting new and interesting people and ensuring the boys at camp have the best summer experience ever. She loves Australia with the main aspect being the relaxed, kind natured qualities of the country.







Guy is a 23-year-old from the Isle of Arran, Scotland and will be a member of the mountaineering team this summer. Guy graduated from Edinburgh University and currently volunteers at Brodick Castle as a park ranger. He also participates in Mountain Bike Races and  loves to hike the mountains at the North end of the Island. His passion is Mountain Biking but also loves watching and playing rugby and he is famous for meeting the queen when he was 9 years old (we think he is famous for his accent!) He is really excited to try out the new trails in the WNC area as well as become a valuable member of the Camp Carolina team. He loves living in Scotland because of the stunning scenery… Favorite Quote? “Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever!” Lance Armstrong.


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