New Organic Veggie Garden comes to Camp Carolina-Greenthumbs, Check it out!

Camp Carolina has always strived to provide its campers and staff with the fresh and local food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In 2011 Camp Carolina teamed up with a community supported organic farm run by Brevard local John Strom. John supplied our creative chefs in the CCB kitchen with fresh organic fruit and vegetables to provide everyone with a great salad bar, delicious fruit pies and more!

The CCB kitchen staff work hard in the kitchen every day to make sure that every meal is fresh, interesting and tasty to encourage our campers to try and enjoy new food. Providing our campers with a choice each meal time also encourages independence and ensures that everyone is eating  a meal that they enjoy. We provide a Peanut Butter and Jelly Bar for our PBJ fans as well as a delicious, fresh salad bar that is stocked with a HUGE variety of local produce. Every breakfast a wide variety of cereals is up for choice as well as an ever-changing hot breakfast bar plus a variety of juices. Campers eat with their cabin group and cabin counselors every meal providing a great and supportive “family” atmosphere.

Since the organic vegetables were such a hit last year, Camp Carolina is going to produce its own for 2012! John is currently preparing the ground for the vegetables which will be planted in the next few weeks. It is going to be great for the campers and staff to collect the vegetables each day and help produce delicious meals. Stay tuned for updates and watch the veggies grow!   

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