Newts Cabins… What’s going on?

We like to think the Camp Carolina Maintenance Crew are the hardest working team in North Carolina! When all the campers and counselors headed home in August the team have been busy working on a variety of tasks in rain, snow and sun to keep Camp Carolinas reputation as the best place on earth going strong!



The newt’s cabins which are located close to the dining hall, providing our littlest guys with quick access to breakfast, lunch and dinner without tackling Dining Hall Hill have been recently improved! This year Newts in  cabin 6-10 can look forward to heading outside via the back door, down the stairs and onto the brand new walkway heading straight to the Egypts (bathrooms)!

Heading up a few tribes we find the Manders! The Manders cabins are on the home stretch of completion after 8 months of work. Dave who is leading the project says we have 2 roofs, 2.5 floors and the doors to go before the Manders arrive and enjoy their new homes for the summer. Perfect timing! The cabins have all been raised up several feet, had new oak flooring installed, new doors attached and a fresh paint job. Alfred made it clear how important it is to preserve the history and memories sketched across the interior walls by campers from 1924 onwards as it is such an important part of Camp Carolina traditions and history.




Any alumni dropping their campers off this summer, make sure to find your name and show your son!

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