Camp Carolina Counselor Update-Part 2

With just 1 month to go before Camp Carolina counselors start arriving, everyone is starting to get excited as it means summer season is almost upon us! All of our “tripping” counselors (counselors who take campers out of camp on trips)  will arrive between April 30th and May 1st to start the intensive 10 day Wilderness First Responder Training course to prepare themselves for the summer. Today we have 3 counselors “In the Spotlight”. Jack, Sam and Carrie.

Jack is a 23-year-old from Ocean Grove (near Melbourne) Australia and will be a member of the Surfing and Wakeboarding team for 2012. He is a qualified teacher, and is excited to meet the campers and encourage them to try new and exciting activities at camp. His favorite component about Surfing and Wakeboarding is getting to experience the power of mother nature and no two waves are the same therefor everyones experience is completely different. With wakeboarding he loves that the campers get to enjoy being in the water and being able to develop new abilities and skills. At home Jack loves to surf, play Australian Rules Football, tennis and hockey and his favorite thing about Australia? The beaches, weather and lifestyle! And what are you famous for? Surfing with Kelly Skater! Awesome! Jacks favorite quote is “give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

Carrie is a 22-year-old from Te Awamutu, New Zealand and currently works at a horse racing stud farm. Carrie will be a horseback riding counselor this summer and is excited to spend time with the horses while being able to teach children how to ride and gain experience with horse back riding. Her favorite sport to play and hobbies are hockey, art and horse riding and is famous for getting up on the dance floor to have a good boogie! She is really looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of interesting and out going people and interacting with the campers while having an awesome experience in America. She loves NZ for its free, friendly and clean environment and also its farming culture and her favorite quote is “Things happen for a reason. So live life!”




Finally Sam is from Nottingham, UK and will be a music counselor this summer. He currently works at a Holiday Club run by a local school and looks after groups of children and takes part in activities and games with them. He loves teaching music to children as everyone can express exactly what mood they are in just by moving a few strings on an instrument. He loves playing soccer, table tennis and skiing as well as playing music – it doesn’t matter what instrument it is he gives it a go and sees how it sounds. He is famous for being the teacher that knows as much about cartoons as the children. He is  used to teaching in a class room so is looking forward to getting out and teaching campers new skills in a less formal environment. His favorite thing about the UK is Liverpool Football Club…

We cant wait to have these 3 arrive at Camp Carolina and have the opportunity to experience such an amazing place!

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