Share your Amazing Camp Carolina Experience with Other’s Online

The world-wide web and social media sites are the most effective and fun way to communicate information with others and keep in touch with what’s going on all over the world with just a click of a button. We here at Camp Carolina want our campers, parents, alumni and staff to keep connected and informed with everything that is going on at Camp Carolina, both during the summer and off-season.

Our Facebook presence gives alumni, (both staff and campers) the opportunity to connect on our alumni Facebook page here. “Vintage” CCB pics are updated on a regular basis and give people the opportunity to reconnect and reminisce about the fun in the sun spent together years ago. Our Camp Carolina page is updated on a daily basis with photos, updates and links to interesting CCB related articles and keeps anyone interested informed and up to date with what is going on at Camp Carolina each day. Become our friend here. Our twitter page is updated on a daily basis for all of our twitter people out there, with links and short updates. Follow us by clicking here. And our blog is currently updated several times a week (more frequently during the summer months). We have had a great response from campers and parents who have enjoyed keeping up to date with all the projects and events going on at camp, after the summer is over. During the summer, stay tuned for regular trip updates and camper fun! Sign up via email by clicking to the right “follow blog via email”

Feel free to share links, pictures, articles etc with friends and let the world know what an amazing place Camp Carolina is!





If writing reviews is your thing we would love to hear your thoughts and see your ratings for Camp Carolina. Several websites provide this service including  epinions and campratingz Again it is a great way to spread the word about your sons and/or your own personal experience and provide us with areas to work on. It also provides other families with an idea as to what Camp Carolina is all about so their sons have the opportunity to spend a summer at the greatest place on earth!

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