Camp Carolina Counselor Update! Who is returning? Who is new? Find out here…

Spring has arrived at Camp Carolina, the bare trees are starting to bud, the sun is shining and warming up the lake (and everyone working here!) and the winter staff at camp are getting more excited by the day to welcome the counselors and campers back for the best summer ever!

The counselors we have recruited for 2012 come from all over the world, but all have one thing in common-their experience and passion for working with children.

One returnee everyone is excited to see come back is Matt “Mando” Manderson. Mando has been a counselor at CCB since 2010 as a member of the Earthworks team. He calls Caloundra, Australia home but has been working and living in the snow up in Canada since camp finished last August and we hear he has become quite a skier! He loves working on Earthworks because he gets to explore and share experiences with the campers in the National Forests in North and South Carolina. His favorite hobby is fishing, so he loves passing this passion on to the campers on fly fishing trips! He says he is famous for living right next to the beach but not surfing, but everyone at camps knows him for his true blue Aussie accent. He is excited to get back to camp this summer to experience the non stop excitement and activities. We asked Mando, “whats your favorite thing about your home country?” he replied “everyone can understand what you’re saying!” His favorite quote? “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” Edmund Burke. We are sure the campers cant wait to get on some awesome hikes, sea kayaks and fly fishing trips with Mando this summer!

A new counselor for 2012 is Chris Tolmie, who is 19 from Glasgow, Scotland. Chris is a student back in Scotland and is looking forward to teaching the boys how to skate/perfect skating tricks this summer and “seeing the kids faces as they cruise along in the beautiful sun!”. Along with skating , Chris loves playing football and tennis in Scotland and feels he is famous for always seeing the best in people. He says he is most excited to work with so many fantastic people and being there to see the campers faces when they achieve their very best. His favorite thing about Scotland? A good cup of tea (because it rains every other day). And his favorite quotes? “Men Come and Go, but legends live forever” and “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”




“The joys of being a Camp Carolina Counselor”

Another new counselor is Robert Mitchley who is from Johannesburg, South Africa. Robert is a bass player for a church youth group and also plays in a jazz band. His favorite component of teaching music to children (he is a team member of the Music program at CCB) is being able to connect with the children through music and to create new music as a team. He also loves Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, Bass guitar and guitar in South Africa. He is excited to meet and build relationships with different people from all over the world. He loves the natural beauty of South Africa and his favorite quote is “Life is the art of drawing without an eraser”.

Camp Carolina recruits only the most mature, qualified and outstanding counselor to be role models for the campers each summer. Every counselor recruited has been through a rigorous application process including 2 interviews (1 face-face), 3 references, background and driving checks and plenty of paperwork until they are offered a position here this summer. Staff training starts on May 2nd for our tripping staff to further their experience and qualifications even further.

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