Spring time!

Call Camp Carolina staff ambitious but we are saying “gone are the days of winter!” Goodbye to the cold winds, snow flurries and frozen ground, and Hello to picnics on the OD field, flip-flops and weekend hikes!

As summer approaches everyone working at CCB get’s busier! The maintenance team are currently finishing up on several projects including the Mander Cabins, new walk ways to the Egypts, the climbing wall and finalising the new mountain bike trail! Everyone in the office is busying preparing for the campers arrival, recruiting a few additional staff and signing up new campers. In just 6 weeks counselors will start arriving, the kitchen will open and Camp will be back to bustling busy until August 12th.

Dave working on the Manders cabins

JJ is currently in France for several promotional events and will be catching up with the Newman family in Switzerland before heading back to CCB. Alfred will be heading down to Puerto Rico next week for a pizza party with the Lopez family.

As the weather warms up people of CCB start migrating back to get ready for the summer. JJ, Lofty, John have all arrived “home” in the past month. Even our 4 legged friends have started returning, with camp favorite “Poco” arriving from a still snowy Boone this week.

“Campers, See ya soon!”

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