What a Busy Tuesday! New Team Members, Climbing Wall and Lake Update!

The weather is perfect, sun is shining, camp is bustling away and summer is approaching. What a Day, What a Day, What a Day!

Meanwhile the lake is slowwwly filling back up with fresh mountain water! Most people (including everyone currently at Camp Carolina!) under estimated the time it would take to fill leaving several young campers, counselors and campers moms left in the running for the free Camp Carolina T-shirt!

Our maintenance team is ever-growing with the addition of Josh Loft. “Lofty” as he is more commonly known as by campers and counselors was a member of the Earthworks team in 2011 and this summer will be on the White Water team. A New Zealand native, with American parents Lofty has spent time travelling around the US and working in ski lodges since summer finished last year and is excited to be back at Camp Carolina. With such a large team, they have managed to accomplish an outstanding amount of work over winter with several projects still to come.

Jobs such as repairing the top curve of the climbing wall can sometimes go unnoticed but make a huge difference to Camp Carolina in regards to safety and camps professionalism. Greg, Mike S and Lofty are currently hanging at the top of the wall, removing weather damaged boards of wood and will be replacing them in the next week with new boards and holds for the wall. In total, 52 planks of wood will be removed, replaced and painted by our skilled maintenance team. The climbing wall (and all other facilities) are inspected for safety standards in May before the campers arrive at CCB.


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  1. Tim says:

    The lake looks beautiful once again, it must be refreshing to take a bath in its chilly mountain water.

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