Why summer camps?

As summer begins to draw near and parents start signing up their children for 2, 3, 4 or even 7 weeks of fun in the sun-fun is the main focus. But summer camps offer so much more to children than fun, and the children don’t even know that they are learning.

In today’s society the focus is on education and who can reach the highest level, who can get the best score and who will succeed… In such a competitive environment kids stop being kids. Skills such as team work, leadership and compromise are not developed during such focussed, solitary learning. Summer Camp’s encourage and develop all of these skills, some during the most unlikely times. Our boys get the chance to be leaders and develop leadership techniques, whether it is preparing for a cabin skit or organising their buddies into teams for an all camp weekend game. Team work is imperative at camps and our campers learn the skills of compromise and selflessness with their camp buddies.

Campers also have the opportunity to embrace the natural environment and appreciate the beauty that the natural world offers. Venturing into Dupont and Pisgah Forest for a hike/bike/ride/paddle/swim on any day during the week. Sleeping under the stars is a first for many campers… Camp Carolina itself is nestled in a stunning valley where campers can appreciate and explore the natural environment whether it is searching for Newts in the lake, watching deer graze in the early morning mist or playing in Lambs Creek.

Camp Carolina searches the globe for the best role models we can find. Our campers are surrounded by hardworking, honest and AMAZING young men and women and after living and learning with them for several weeks aspire to posses the same qualities as these young adults.

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