New Trail and Bridges Complete! (Plus some Valentines love!)


They have also been working on a new trail that starts by Archery/Riflery/Fencing and follows the creek looping past camp fire, and at the base of the mountain before meeting up with the road near the sand filter. They have constructed some awesome bridges to cross the river, either during a short hike or Mountain Bike. So far there are two smaller (24 and 29 feet) bridges and one huge 75 feet curving bridge over low-lying, muddy ground. The Maintenance crew said there is much more work to be completed. Everyone-Get excited!

“Mike hard at work on the smaller bridge”

“Greg working on the smaller bridge”

” The 75 foot long bridge”

On this valentines day, we would love to give love to our Maintenance Crew! Thanks for all you’re doing to make Camp Carolina an even more amazing place!

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  1. Nice, y’all. Wish I could run to the Mountain Biking post after lunch today and sign-up for an afternoon ride on the Heinous.

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