New Counselors Recruited in the UK and Mexico

The recruiting team of Phil, Kylie, Mary Eccles, Alfred Snr and Anton have been busy for the last 2 months searching the globe for only the finest, most experienced and most amazing counselors for the summer 2012. Camp Carolina has an extensive application system for potential applicants which includes a face-face interview, detailed application form to fill out, a secondary interview, contacting 3 references and filing A LOT of paperwork before finally offering the lucky counselor a position.

Phil recently returned to Camp Carolina after a 10 day visit to the UK to help Eddie, Lee and Simon  recruit counselors for all types of roles at Camp Carolina. They found some really special and dedicated individuals who are so excited to head across the pond in May to begin an adventure of a lifetime and spend an incredible summer being an amazing role model for our young campers.

For the Team Sports lovers, we have found really skilled and mature counselors who have had experience coaching teams in the UK and are excited to teach our campers new skills and games during the summer. We recruited a Basketball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Cricket and Rugby counselors to add to our team of AFL, Rugby and Lacrosse specialists already hired. Alfred and Adam will be aiming to find some extra team sport specialists in Australia, and an American Football coach here in the USA to complete the star Team Sport team.

An Archer and Riflery counselor hired in the UK has almost completed our Archery, Riflery, Fencing team. 2 new Lifeguards have left 2 positions to be filled by Alfred and Adam in Australia. A drum teacher and bass guitar player are excited to create some records in our recording studio this summer.

Finally a photographer and videographer were recruited for their experience working with children as well as experience and passion for creating magic pictures and films (stay tuned for an incredible 2012 promo DVD and photos!).

Meanwhile Alfred was in Mexico recruiting some amazing chefs and bakers for the kitchen and some carpenters and maintenance men for the summer season. He hired 8 new support staff… All of us here at Camp Carolina are very excited for the kitchen to open in May and be treated to fresh salad bars, home-made food and most of all-delicious deserts!

With unusually warm weather creeping through, new staff being recruited and campers sending through applications summer feels like it is approaching fast. And we are excited!

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