Weekend fun!

Now all the campers and counselors are settled back at home the weekends drift by… Weekends for the campers begin on Friday night with the traditional, meaningful and reflecting camp fire where the boy receive their Old Man of the Mountain paddle and brands. After a busy week of trips, sport and in camp activities the boys get to sit, remember the good times during the week, feel pride in their achievements and new-found skills and share their excitement and joy with camp buddies on achieving the next step in one of the oldest traditions at Camp Carolina.

Saturday the boys may go for a slide and swim at Sliding Rock. Sliding Rock is a very popular, natural water slide a 2o minute drive into Pisgah Forest. They may have fun on the man made slip and slide on Dining Hall Hill, take part in a cookie cooking clinic, compete in a diving competition or try their hand at a real life problem solving game at the Low ropes course.

Biltmore Train, Cookout, Dances, whole camp games, more cookout… This is making us miss our summer weekends too much! Enjoy the pictures and let them speak for themselves!

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