Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… What will 2012 bring?

Christmas day arrived and although it was not white, it bought with it a beautiful blue sky and white frost. We got thinking how different Christmas is celebrated by our campers and counselors all over the world, but one thing would always be in common-Christmas is a time to be spent with friends and family. The friendships that are made at Camp Carolina, between campers and counselors can last a lifetime. Camp is the perfect environment to find these lifelong friends, a friend who offers support and words of wisdom when challenged, a friend who shares the joy and excitement of achievement and overcoming new obstacles and a friend who encourages and assists you when trying something new. Family is a very important component of Camp Carolina, as we want the childs family to experience these milestones and joyful moments with their son, either via the weekly letters sent home or by following their time through pictures taken daily by our photo video team.

For me Christmas is always celebrated at the beach/lake/pool or at least in an air-conditioned house to enjoy the very warm sunshine. Lunch is the big meal of the day and is usually seafood, salads and a cold chicken/turkey followed by a Pavlova covered in fresh fruit and cream. For the UK dwellers Christmas lunch or dinner is usually a big roast with baked vegetables and a warm Christmas pudding. How did our campers spend their Christmas and what was their favorite food?

Again the New Year arrived, with a stunning blue skied day and a temperature of almost 60 degrees. On the day many new year resolutions are made by individuals want to be better and do better many of them making resolutions that Camp Carolina encourages boys to make on a daily basis. The boys are encouraged to be responsible and caring members of the camp society, to meet new challenges head on and how to respect and care for the friends they have made. Like a new year resolution they do not receive a prize or recognition for this behaviour yet a nod of approval from their counselor or sharing a joke with a new-found best friend is so much more valued and treasured for years to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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