5 lucky horses head off to Club Med for the winter!

The horses of Camp Carolina are what many of our horse crazy campers look forward to most each summer. Some of the horses have called Camp Carolina home for 20 years and some have yet to complete their first year. One thing they all have in common is their patience and good-natured personality-especially around the campers!

Our aim for the horse riding program here at CCB is to encourage confidence in not only riding the horses but handling them and learning all aspects of equine management. The boys learn how to safely tie, groom, lead, saddle and mount before learning the basic riding skills all under the watchful eye of trained Horseback staff. We then encourage the boys to sign up for the most fun of all, trail riding trips in Dupont and Pisgah Forest!

As many campers learn over the summers, especially during the end of session prizetrips when the horses are hight tied for a length of time horses are very hard on the ground and can cause it to get very muddy. Which is what our herd did! Camp Blue Star very generously offered to share their 35 acre pasture in Hendersonville with 5 of the Camp Carolina horses much to the relief of Kylie who is looking after the horses, and head of maintenance Greg who is looking after camp grounds.

Monty, Biscuit, Kip, Shalome and Cassie all hopped into Big Red and Phun-Hawg for the short trip to Hendersonville. The field has plenty of grass, a natural stream and small forested areas for the horses to shelter in bad weather. The Blue Star horses came to introduce themselves to our 5 horses before they all trotted off over the mountain to start their relaxing vacation.

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