Adam “Bob” Kelway’s South American adventure. Part 1

As most counselors from the summers past have finished their travels and settled down for the winter (or summer for our luck Southern Hemisphere people!) we often find ourselves day dreaming about the adventures of the lucky few counselors and campers who are still travelling. Bob Kelway, who lead our photo video team for 2011 is living the adventure of a lifetime (after many years of planning and saving!) and has been in South America since he finished producing (the AMAZING!) 2011 promotional DVD.

This is what Bob has been up to. Enjoy and don’t get too jealous!

“Iquaza Falls”

“Since I left camp I’ve been in South America for nearly two months. I spent quite a while in Argentina, a few weeks in Chile and now I’m currently in Brazil. Each of the three countries so far have had completely different things to offer and the landscapes vary every few hundred miles. On one such drive in Argentina I went from hot and sunny low mountain valley roads to near snowing and freezing conditions in the clouds and into endless deserts filled with cacti in the space of an hour. Southern Chile reminded me a lot of North Carolina with so many outdoor activities to offer including horseback riding, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, paintball and volcano climbing. Okay so maybe the last one you can’t do at camp but maybe if you nag Alfred enough maybe they can find one for us to climb.

“Bob on a riding trek”

The highlights for me so far have been Iguazu Falls, on the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. These make Triple Falls seem like a leaky tap!! The amount of water that flowed over 275 individual waterfalls was incredible. Another great place was Bonito, a small town in the Pantanal region of Brazil. Here we got to snorkel down a crystal clear river for about two hours with hundreds of tropical fish swimming around us. I’ve seen a huge amount of different wildlife so far which is one of the main reasons I have come to South America. I was fortunate enough to see three wild Jaguar, hundreds of cayman, capybara, toucans and all sorts of bird species, wild ostrich, buffalo and a tarantula. I’m yet to see a snake yet but hopefully I can wrestle with an anaconda somewhere soon. ”

“Iquaza Falls”


Bobs plan is to spend a few more months in South America before heading up to Canada (with a possible stop at CCB?) mid 2012 to find a job in Vancouver.

Meanwhile at camp we are enjoying a really nice warm change in weather. We are experiencing sunny, blue sky days and chilly but clear nights. Mary Ec and Alfred Snr are both busy with marketing, signing up new campers and overseeing the general running of Camp Carolina. Daughter Bren has 2 days left of exams-you can do it Bren! And Little Alfred will be heading home from NC state in the next few days for some holiday time (destination unknown!). Phil and Kylie are busy recruiting new staff for summer 2012, with some very exciting and experienced counselors looking forward to a summer of a lifetime! Marianne and Jen are both “working numbers” where the maintenance team are making great progress with the Manders cabins, new trails and general camp upkeep.

Lulu has spent the last few nights on a vacation with a friend, Elvis has been loving life as an only child and the horses have started day dreaming about sunny days riding in Dupont and Pisgah forest (apart from Nuzzy who has a sore leg). We have recently heard from Camp Carolina program director JJ (Jason Shepherd) who is currently working on an exciting project in Nigcuara-stay tuned for more information and some amazing pictures!

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