One of New Zealands finest returns to Camp Carolina!

New Zealand’s very own “mountain man” John McDonald will be returning to Camp Carolina for the 2012 summer. John is a dedicated member of the white water staff and in 2011 took on the task of organising and running all the rafting trips-not an easy task! A favorite among campers and counselors we are all excited here at CCB to hear all about Johns adventures
back in New Zealand.

We asked John why he originally decided to come to CCB for the first time, in 2010. He answered “I was excited to gain more experience as an outdoor instructor in a new setting. I was excited to teach new activities in new areas.” And what is your favorite thing about spending your summer at Camp Carolina? “The people you met are what makes camp life such an amazing experience. I’ve met a bunch of the hardest working and most caring people you will find anywhere.”

At the moment John is back in New Zealand doing what he loves working full-time as an outdoor instructor teaching a range of activities to children. John also spends all of his spare time in the outdoors tramping, fishing/hunting, kayaking and more! His biggest accomplishment so far has been “working with children, it gives me a sense of pride knowing that I have the power to change someone’s life with a kind word or piece of advice or and experience they will never forget.”

His hero is “My hero’s are the outdoor instructors and camp leaders that have helped to train me. They have taught me not only instructor skills but about myself and things I need to improve on.”

As modest as ever John couldn’t think what he is famous for at camp. We will leave that decision up to the counselors and campers!

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