Why Camp Carolina is such a great experience for boys

If you asked many of our campers where their favorite place in the world is they would respond with an exuberant “Camp Carolina of course!”

Campers are encouraged to grow as independent members of the camp society from day 1. They are given options every single day and relish in the opportunity to choose what activities they want to do each week and what trip they may want to go on in the morning. Even decisions as simple as what they want to eat for breakfast can be an important tool to promote self growth and independence. Campers who are less sure of making decisions have their cabin counselors with them who can help guide and encourage them.

Our wide range of high adventure activities promote self-confidence in the boys as well as confidence to try to take on new adventures and opportunities when presented to them. Camp ensures that the boys start off in each activity at the most basic level and work their way up which instills self belief and confidence in their new-found skills. Parents are often surprised when they pick up their son who has never mentioned a certain activity and is now performing it confidently at a high level.

The ability to make new friends and new experiences is also an important component of camp. All new campers are in the same boat on day 1 at CCB and new friendships are quickly established. These friendships can last for a lifetime. New experiences are presented every day, whether it is as simple as holding a salamander for the first time or managing to roll a kayak up right for the first time. Even the silliest experiences at camp can last with the campers for a long time with our older campers still telling stories from their very first day of their very first year at Camp Carolina.

Finally Camp is just plain fun! Waking up with your buddies each morning, choosing your favorite activity for the day, what you want to eat at dinner. Sunny, warm days, fun counselors with funny accents from all over the world and the excitement for what each new day may bring. Who wouldn’t want to be here?

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