We are thankful for so much at Camp Carolina

Here at Camp Carolina most of the things we are thankful for are the things we miss the most at this time of the year! The “1,2,3 BLOBBING” coming from the lake, the barks from Elvis and the laughter of the boys playing fetch with him, the chants before every meal, the chants before EVERYTHING… these are all memories that are savoured here long after the campers head home and camp becomes a strangely quiet place to be.

At Camp Carolina we encourage the boys to be thankful for acts of kindness and generosity and forget any materialistic items that have been left at home. The smallest things are appreciated whilst at camp, the chance to jump in a natural swimming hole after a long hike, spending rest hour learning a new card game from a new friend and fellow cabin mate, or standing as quiet as possible to watch one of the deer feeding on the team sports fields before breakfast.

This Thanksgiving Camp Carolina is thankful for an amazing 2011 summer spent with awesome campers. We are thankful for the campers, new and old for giving camp their all and grasping every opportunity presented to them with both hands and making Camp Carolina what it is… The best place on Earth!



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