The best place in the world!

Anyone who has ever been to Camp Carolina will agree with us that it is by far the best place in the world! Memories as simple as waking up in your historical cabin and reading the hundreds of names on the walls dating all the way back to the 40’s and wondering what it was like back in those days. Lying an extra few minutes in bed after hearing the “Alllll up!” and experience that feeling of excitement for what your day is going to bring. The view once you are up is second to none, the lake is covered in rising steam, the mountains bright green with the sun already high in the sky and counselors bustling in the car park to get trips prepared for the day. Everyone who has been to Camp Carolina will remember that view forever and savour that feeling of excitement and enthusiasm for each day.

Once the campers head home, camp is packed down for the year the counselors from all over the world head off for adventures all over the United States of America but never forget the amazing memories and adventures they have experienced over the summer. This year a few counselors headed 45 minutes up through Pisgah Forest to explore the stunning region that Camp Carolina calls home. Lead by mountaineering/earthworks staff member Meryl Cederstroom – Jess Norman, Kylie Baker, Phil Dennison, Matt and Spencer Redmond plus a few Brevard locals headed on a stunning wet hike to “Garden of the Gods”. The hike was strikingly similar to the hike we take our campers on, up Yellow Stone Prong.

Once reaching the top (after 2-3 hours climbing, jumping, slipping, swimming) everyone was in awe of the beautiful water falls, flora and fauna and the complete silence from civilisation. Counselors and campers alike savour moments like that and will remember them from years to come. Whether it is sitting on the bank of a river after completing a first white water kayak, stopping and giving your horse a pat after riding up a steep mountain side, or savouring a stunning view of the Blue Ridge mountains after a strenuous hike to the top-all of these are memories that will be savoured from spending a summer at Camp Carolina.

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