Jess Norman returning!

It’s always exciting when a Camp Carolina counselor makes the decision to come back to camp for another summer of fun and excitement with the best campers in the country. We travel the planet in search of the finest role models, the most skilled instructors and staff members with the highest degree of moral character and maturity to provide our campers with the most fun they could ever imagine having…

Jess Norman has been a member of the Horseback team  for the past two years and has decided to come back for a third summer because it’s the “best place ever!”.

Jess lives in a small town in Northern England called Huddersfield. We asked her why she originally made the decision to come to Camp Carolina? ” I had heard some really good reviews about summer camps in America from my friends and wanted to give it a try.  After talking to Alfred and seeing all the great things that Camp Carolina had to offer I knew it was the place I wanted to spend my summer!” and what do you love most about spending your summers at Camp Carolina? ” I love the fact that there is always something fun going on and it’s a laugh a minute with the kids. Also there is always something new to try and learn.” She also added  that there are too many favorite memories to narrow it down to just one.

Jess is currently back in Huddersfield, working as a chef at her local pub and spending as much time with her friends and family before coming back to camp for the summer. She plans to start a career with “something to do with children” after summer 2012, and wants to continue travelling and seeing the world. Jess helped out in the kitchen during our month of pre season training for our counselors and kept everyone excited about the evenings deserts as they were DELICIOUS! She is now famous at CCB for her baking skills as well as her smile…Her other favorite hobbies are horse riding and trying any new activity outdoors.

Finally, what animal would you be and why? “I would love to be a meerkat as they have so much fun, and they look out for each other”

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  1. Marianne says:

    Can’t wait to see you again!

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