The animals of Camp Carolina

Campers and Counselors come and go every year but the animals of Camp Carolina are here to stay. So we thought a little introduction of the most reliable members of staff may be in order. We have long-term, senior members of staff, such as Lulu- the small but smart sausage dog as well as new members of the team such as Puzzle- the car chasing,  Tennessee Walking Pony.

Lulu is Mary Ecs faithful sidekick and assistant office manager. She is a 13-year-old Datsun that has lived at Camp Carolina since she was a tiny puppy. She also takes on a security role for anyone looking a little suspicious around camp.

Elvis is Alfred Snr’s assistant in the office during the winter and head of team sports during the summer. Elvis is a 2-year-old Labrador, with puppy dog eyes and a love for tennis/soccer/volley/basket balls!

Feisty is the elusive pet cat that belongs to the Thompson family. He is only seen on rare occasions and never during the summer.

The horses! We have 11 here at the moment, led by the strong-willed Shalome. We have Kip, Bisuit, Nuzzie, Cassie, Toy, Puzzle, Monty, Jericho, Jackson and Taj. Our oldest horse is Toy who is almost 30 years old and our youngest is Puzzle who is only 3.

There are also a few families of deer whom are enjoying feeding on the last of the green grass, the white squirrels are busy collecting fallen nuts for the winter the Canadian Geese are enjoying the last few weeks of a full lake and the albino skunk appears to have disappeared all together.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Graham Roodt says:

    What about Cha-Cha’s pug Mitre? is he still around?

    1. campcarolina says:

      No, Mitre is not around anymore!

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