Our British campers and the diablo craze.

Here at Camp Carolina we have several campers that travel from all over the world to enjoy a summer at the best place in the world. We currently have two tea drinking, queen loving, scone eating, fish’n’chip devouring, Coronation Street watching British campers-Edward and James (plus their dads Keith and tea time Neil) who call Camp Carolina home each summer. We recently got in contact with Keith to see how the boys were doing back in sunny England.

Keith, Neil, Edward and James headed straight down to Florida after camp this year for 4 days of fun at the theme parks in Orlando before heading home. The boys are both now back at school, and Keith and Neil back at work and enjoying the last of the warmish weather. Edward has passed his second Dan karate and is now training with the seniors at the club.  They also have him teaching some of the younger and junior club members. He’s also building up to his grade 4 drumming exam- we are very excited to see these new skills next year!

The most exciting news-Edward and James have introduced all the British speaking kids to the manificent world of Diablo playing… Keith told us “Both Edward and James have started a diablo craze at their primary school! There’s so many kids playing it at school that areas have been designated ‘diablo zones’! Edward and James gave a diablo display on stage at school which got the craze going. His sister and very little brother are also doing it with varied success!” This news has given Jimbo a little business idea for when he finishes up working at Camp Carolina in a few weeks…

We love having so many international counselors and campers here at Camp Carolina. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge from their home country as well as experiences and ideas that are completely new to our American campers (who sometimes leave with a slight British/Australian/New Zealand/South African accent).

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