Green River Race fun for Camp Carolina

Brevard and the surrounding towns were buzzing with activity this weekend because the world-famous Green River Narrows Race was set to run at 12 noon Saturday. Phil and Kylie braved the hike in to the gorge whilst White Water staff Matt Redmond paddled his kayak in to avoid the crowds and get a great position to watch the race. Some of the worlds best kayakers travelled to compete in the race which was eventually won by local Issac Levinson with an incredible time of 4.22 with the women’s title being taken out by Adriene Levknecht who broke the women’s record with a time of 4.57. You can watch a short you tube clip of the race here

“The crowds waiting for the next Kayaker to take on the rapid “Gorilla”

Camp Carolina is situated in the perfect area if you want to learn how to kayak, or love kayaking and want to advance your skills. The boys practice on the warm Camp Carolina lake, until they can roll their kayak upright and prove they have control over their boats and are confident in their ability level. They can then tackle slow-moving rivers with class 1 rapids progressing up to class 3/4 rapids over the years. Brevard “Land of the Waterfalls” home of Camp Carolina provides all of these rivers within a short drive.

“2011 White Water Kayaking @ Camp Carolina”

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