Bring on the Weekend!

It has been a busy week here at Camp Carolina. We enjoyed blissful weather early in the week, which the maintenance crew took full advantage of. They have completed two of the Manders Cabins and are currently working on their third now (only 6 to go!) and they are looking fantastic. Alfred Snr spent a morning scouting for new trails to be created on Camp Carolina property. The first proposed trail will start half way up Bulldozer at the camp site “creekview” and follow the creek to the bottom of heinous. It will sweep down the valley, cross the creek at several points giving campers a magnificent view of the creek that many of us do not even know exist. The trail will be used for in camp mountain biking and horse riding…

The office staff have been busy signing up new campers and working on the brand new Camp Carolina Website-stay tuned, it’s going to be fantastic! We also successfully uploaded our (shortened) 2011 Summer DVD onto you tube. View it here! Youtube DVD And busy keeping everyone up to date on Facebook and Twitter…

This weekend in the area some of the Camp Carolina counsellors will be heading to watch the Green Race. The Green Race is an elite White Water kayaking race down the Green River Narrows, one of the most famous rivers in the South East of America. World level kayakers travel from all over the world to compete in the elite event. Some of the best kayakers will complete the 1 mile long decent in under 5 minutes! Some of Camp Carolina counsellors that have paddled this amazing body of water (including the feared rapid-Gorilla)include Program Director JJ Shepherd and UK’s James Buck. Simone and Jimbo will be starting the process of packing! Simone in particular is not looking forward to it after accumulating a rather large amount of “things” during her time in the USA.

“JJ Kayaking in Mexico”

“James taking a break in the UK”

Alfred Senior, Mary Eccles and Bren Thompson have all headed to Chapel Hill for a weekend of Football and family Reunions…

Make sure you keep us informed here at camp of anything exciting that is happening in your home town and family!

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