New Campfire Benches at CCB! Alfred in Atlanta…

Breaking news here at CCB. We have new and improved campfire benches! The hard working maintenance crew spent the first few weeks after the summer finished raising the benches up off the ground, sanding them down and varnishing them to produce 5 star seating. Im sure the boys will enjoy them every Friday and Sunday night and the parents will love watching their sons recieve their paddles and brands on the brand new benches. The maintenance guys have also worked on the soccer goals used for World Cup Soccer and have got them to a standard even Beckham would be proud of.


Meanwile Jimbo has made it back to camp for a few days rest before heading back down to Florida for the Sternberg’s Pizza Party on Sunday. Alfred in the meantime is in Atlanta for the Boykins Pizza Party. The details for the party are below.

Thursday, October 20th @ 5.30pm


Sam and Lyn Boykin

404-273-5824 /

77 Wakefield Drive (Brookwood Hills Pool Pavillion)

Atlanta, GA 30309

Camper hosts:

Daven and Sam Boykin

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