Luis Vga in the spotlight. Alfreds last show in Texas, Jimbo heads to the beach!

After having such a fantastic time in Texas, Alfred will hold the last CCB Pizza Party for the area tonight. Alfred will be heading to the Henry’s house in The Woodlands, TX for a fun night of pizza eating, DVD watching and reminiscing with summer buds. Leland Henry made CCB history this summer by being the first to ever receive his 11th step, a huge accomplishment and honour here at Camp Carolina. Leland is a great role model for the younger campers and CCB welcomes him back year after year. We think younger brother Sam is aiming to overtake his big brother on the brand front one day! All the details for the party are below.

Tuesday, October 18th@ 6pm


Bob and Traci Henry

615-394-5161 /

 162 South Arrow Canyon Circle

The Woodlands, TX 77389

 Camper hosts:

Leland and Sam Henry

Meanwhile Jimbo had a great time at the Menozzi’s Pizza Party last night, catching up with many current campers plus lot’s of new boys who are interested in coming to CCB in 2012. Tonight he will be heading to the Welch’s house in beautiful Ormond Beach, FL for their Pizza Party. Details are below.

Tuesday, October 18th @ 6pm


Erin Welch

386-290-8008 /

 986 John Anderson Drive

Ormond Beach, FL 32176

 Camper host

Anderson Welch

At camp we have started to receive applications from our counsellors all over the world who will be coming back for Summer 2012. We are so lucky to have such dedicated, passionate counsellors with such worldly experiences to inspire and take such good care of our campers. Today our Counsellor in the spotlight is hardworking mountaineering member Luis Vga!

We asked Luis why did you come to CCB? “To share my passion for adventure sports with the kids” And what did he love most? I loved to wake up in the mountains and see the sun shining over the CCB lake. I loved all the campers asking me about the trips out of camp for the day. I really loved to feel that we could make a difference in their lives.” And his best memory from the summer? “The children’s faces after a mountain bike trip, when they would tell the other kids how cool it was. At the end of each session when the boys wanted to introduce you to their parents as the person who showed them a world full of adventure. As the person who taught them to ride a bicycle. As the person who was there to support them during a climbing trip. The tears of some campers who did not want to leave the place where they learned so much. I made ​​new friends. This place we call home …camp carolina.”

Luis is currently working in a whitewater rafting company in Costa Rica, taking trips to the balsa river in class II-III rapids. His future plan is to come back to CCB for summer 2012 and then plans to get a job where he can continue to travel and learn about other cultures, he is thinking about working on a cruise ship. Reading through the places Luis has lived- Honduras, Nicaragua and all over Coast Rica working in High Adventure jobs makes him such a valuable addition to our Camp Carolina team. Luis’s favourite hobbies are varied. His main passion lies with white water rafting which he started in November 2002. He also loves mountain biking which he has been doing since he was 8 years old, and loves passing this passion on to the campers at CCB. But! His favourite? “There is a sport that makes me feel more alive that anything else. Just imagine yourself stand up on the border of a bridge. Over 256 feet from the ground. Then Countdown 3…2…1.. jump!  For 5 seconds you free fall. The speed, the wind, the air in your face. I´m talking about bungee jumping!”

What animal would you be and why? “An Eagle.  To fly everywhere. For me an eagle represents the freedom to be who I am”  And who is your hero? “My hero is no doubt my mother. She taught me all I know about honesty and  hard work. Thanks to my mother I can share my passion for life with others around the world.”

Finally Luis, what are you most famous for at CCB and why? Well one day after a rugby game Lain said ” We should call you espresso, because you are fast, strong and short” and so since that day I am known as Espresso.



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