Simon Lyttelton in the spotlight. Alfred heads to Atlanta

The rain has returned to CCB this morning but Alfred is ready and raring to get to Atlanta for the Abernathy’s Pizza Party. Alfred will leave at lunchtime to make the 4 hour drive to the big city, ready for the party to start at 6PM. This will be the second last premier of the 2011 Summer DVD in the Atlanta area for the year-dont miss out! All the details are below, please call the office at 828-884-2414 if you have any questions.

Thursday, October 13th @ 6pm


Andrew & Margaret Abernathy

404-784-8689 /

 2000 Brookview Drive

Atlanta, GA 30318

Camper hosts:

Andrew & Storey Abernathy

Meanwhile in London, UK it is also a cloudy 61F day (surprise, surprise) but Newt head counsellor Simon Lyttelton is relishing living in a new country and experiencing all the differences England has to offer. Simon is originally from Parnell in New Zealand where he studied Business. When he finished his degree he decided to come work at a Summer Camp in the United States and lucky for us he ended up at Camp Carolina. We asked him, Why Camp Carolina out of all the Summer Camps in the US? “I came to CCB for two main reasons. Firstly, was because of the variety of adventure style activities they offered. It wasn’t just a soccer or swimming camp…it was an everything camp! Secondly, I came because I knew it was somewhere that I would have wanted to go when I was a young boy!” And his favourite thing about spending his summer at CCB “I loved spending my summer at CCB not only because of the awesome newties I got to hang with but also because of being in the most amazing setting you could ever dream of! Camp Carolina is totally kitted out with a lake, team sports field, music room, skatepark and more. It is definitely a kid paradise and since I am just a big kid I was more than happy to spend my summer at CCB!”

In 2010 as a first year counselor Simon was a member of the Team Sports team, which is a huge passion of his. At the moment he is glued to the Rugby World Cup, passionately supporting his team, the mighty All Blacks. He also loves NBA Basketball, and follows that during the season. In 2011 he was the Newts Head counselor yet still maintained active involvement in the Team Sports activities wherever possible.

Simon had so many amazing memories from summer 2011 but finally decided on Cabin Day with the Newts “My best memory I can think of from the 2011 summer was when the Newties tribe went to Cove Creek for cabin day. The sun was shining and all of us went out to the field to play games on the field. All of a sudden a game starts where the counsellors try and keep an American football away from the newts. Sounds like fun? Oh yeah it was! Well imagine 12 counsellors against 50 newts! It was insane…like a massive game of team tag. It is quite a sight to see 50 newts running at you with big smiles across their faces trying to tackle you to the ground to get that ball of you! The game ‘Keep Away’ became a hot favourite every cabin day from then on.”

Simon is currently living in West London and working on advancing his finance career whilst experiencing another countries culture and gaining international experience. He plans to work in London for the next few years to really establish a career in business but made it very clear that coming back to CCB one day is still on the cards- it’s too much fun!

We asked Simon, if you could be any animal in the world what would it be. With a little help from a Newt he responded with  “If I could be an animal I would be an Arctic Narwal, (pronounced Nar-Wall). Sam Henry from the newts tribe introduced me on to this majestic creature of the deep blue and I would find it hard to find any other animal to be. It weighs around 1.6 tonne and has a long nose or tusk that protrudes about 7-10 feet from its face. It uses it too dice sushi and for cutting large pieces of wood when it builds its underwater Narwal houses. An amazing creature…Narrrrwallllllllllllll.”

Finally, Simon-what are you most famous for at CCB? “I am most famous for my enormous head. It is, big and in some places has been known to block out the sun if I am standing at the right angle. It is my cross to bare though and I feel people are very supportive of this problem I have, although Jimbo can be a bit nasty sometimes. I am also famous for my catch phrase ‘Clean It Up’ to a 6:4 beat and also for my love for the original 80’s hit ‘Time After Time’.”

Simon-Goodluck with everything, we miss you and you will always have a summer home at CCB-The best place in the world!

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