The sun shines at Camp Carolina, Jimbo heads home!

After a few days of dreary rain, anyone lucky enough to be residing at Camp Carolina were treated to bright sunshine and a blue sky this morning. Bulldozer mountain was lit up like a christmas tree, with red, orange and yellow lights-amazing!

The maintenance crew are making the most of the pleasant weather and got straight to work raising the Manders cabins up off the ground. The crew have to first support the walls of the cabin with struts, then jack it up several feet, before digging several new support holes (in what they describe as concrete ground!) before lowering the cabin onto the new supports. The process is lengthy but Camp Carolina is determined to preserve the rich history and memories that are all a part of the cabins.

“Anton, Dave and Phil working on cabin 25”

Alfred will be leaving for Atlanta, GA tomorrow for a Pizza Party at the Abernathy’s! The Summer 2011 DVD will premier (the 2nd last time in Atlanta for 2011!) so make sure you come along to reminisce all the fun you had over the summer. Details are below.

Thursday, October 13th @ 6pm


Andrew & Margaret Abernathy

404-784-8689 /

 2000 Brookview Drive

Atlanta, GA 30318

Camper hosts:

Andrew & Storey Abernathy

Meanwhile Jimbo is making the 9 hour drive back to CCB today after having a fantastic time with the Orso family in Oberlin, Ohio. He will be heading off to warmer weather in Florida stopping off in Jacksonville, Orlando, Ormond Beach, Vero Beach, Jupiter, Boca Raton, Miami, St Pete and Tampa. Make sure you get along to watch the 2011 Summer DVD premier and catch up with your CCB buds. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the office on 828-884-2414

“The Mander’s cabins”

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