Jimbo’s last party in Ohio, Bob hit’s South America

Good morning CCB’s finest!

Tonight is the last party for Jimbo’s first Pizza Party route and will be spent with the Orso family in the lovely town of Oberlin, Ohio. Jimbo has been in Ohio since Saturday premiering the 2011 Summer DVD to Ohios current campers and their friends after visiting Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. Jimbo will make the long drive back to CCB tomorrow and then spend a day resting before beginning the 3 week Florida route.

Alfred Snr arrived back at the best place in the world last night and will be heading off to Atlanta and Texas on Thurs. Don’t miss out on the chance to see the 2011 Summer DVD!

Meanwhile Head of Photo Video, Bob Kelway heads off on his much awaited South American adventure today. Bob has spent the last 2 months working on the 2011 Summer DVD and Camper Year Books (and ordering Bear Grylls merchandise) and has done a fantastic job. He will fly to Orlando this morning and will spend a week in Florida before flying into South America for an undetermined amount of time. He does plan on passing through CCB on his way up to Canada in 2012. Many of the photo’s used on the blog/facebook are courtesy of Bob!

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