Alfred heads back to CCB from New Orleans, Jimbo visits Ohio.

After 2 weeks on the road, visiting campers in Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana, Alfred Snr is on his way back to the best place in the world for a few days rest before heading back to Houston, Texas. Alfred has had a great time meeting up with campers and their families in their home towns, showing the Summer 2011 DVD premier and sharing with families just how great Camp Carolina is.

Meanwhile, Jimbo is with the Hoyle family in South Lebanon, OH for the 2nd last party of this route. The details for the Hoyle Pizza Party are below. Jimbo will then head down to Florida for 3 weeks to visit our sunny campers and their friends, premiering the 2011 Summer DVD and getting the word out about CCB-the best place in the world!

Monday, October 10th @ 6pm


Mike and Amy Hoyle


 428 Creekborough Ct.

South Lebanon, OH 45065

Camper hosts:

Evan Hoyle

Back at camp Fall has definitely arrived with a bang, the trees turning all colours of the rainbow, the temperature dropping and the days shortening. Head of maintenance Greg started back at work today after 6 weeks honeymooning around North America, having a great time and paddling some of the best rivers the country has to offer. CCB’s funny man JJ has officially finished work for the season and is heading off to Mexico on Thurday for a surfing adventure of a lifetime, aiming to return in March to prepare for summer 2012.

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