CCB heads to Texas and Virginia. Manders cabins head sky high!

Alfred is currently in Dallas, TX finishing up the first route of the Camp Carolina Texas shows. Last night he had a great time with the Peacock family in Dallas and tonight he is heading to Ft Worth for a party at the Watts family home. The details are below

Friday, October 7th @ 6pm


Anne Watts

832-265-1730 /

3229 Preston Hollow

Ft Worth, TX 76109

Camper host

Blake Watts

Meanwhile Jimbo has spent the last few days up in Virginia and has the last Virginia show for this route tonight at Peter and Carly Walton’s, in Salem, VA before making the long drive to Ohio tomorrow. Peter was a former assistant program director/head counselor and counselor and Carly was a nurse in the infirmary at CCB. They now have a son, Thomas Walton who will be coming to Camp Carolina for the first time this year. The details for this party are below.

Friday, October 7th @ 6pm


Peter and Carly Walton

540 525 1632 /

2844 Fairway Forest Circle

Salem, VA 24153

Camper hosts:

Thomas Walton

At camp the hard working maintenance crew have started the process of lifting the Mander’s cabin up a few feet to help maintain and preserve the historic cabins (plus give the Mander’s a great view of camp!) Assistant program director Camo and Earthworks counselor Clare arrived back at camp after the North American leg of their round world tour. They both had a fantastic time in the US and Canada and are heading off on Sunday for an amazing trip to Ecuador, with the plan being to hit home in Perth, Western Australia on Christmas Eve.

“13,000 miles later!”

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